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AMCAT Logical Reasoning Row Arrangement -1

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AMCAT Logical Reasoning Row Arrangement
Directions (1 - 5): Below is given a question followed by two statements numbered I and II. The question may or may not be answered with the help of these statements. You have to decide if these statements are sufficient to answer the question.
Give answer:
1) If only statement I is sufficient to answer the question but statement II is not
2) If only statement II is sufficient to answer the question but statement I is not
3) If either statements I or II is sufficient to answer the question
4) If the two statements are not sufficient but still more data is needed to answer the question
5) If both statements I and II are together sufficient to answer the question

1. In which year was Kiran born?
I) Kiran at present is 25 years younger to his father.
II) Kiran's brother, who was born in 1964, is 30 years younger to his father.

2. How many children does Ramesh have?
I) Harini is the only daughter of Kavita who is wife of Ramesh.
II) Kiran and Ramu are the only brothers of Harini.

3. The last Sunday of June, 2044 fell on which date?
I) The first Sunday of that month fell on 5th.
II) The last day of that month was Thursday.

4. What is the code for "innovative" in the code language?
I) In the code language, "plan is innovative" is written as "de ra fa".
II) In the same code language, "make it innovative" is written as "de ga jo".

5. How many children are there between A and B in a row of children?
I) A is fifteenth from the left in the row.
II) B is exactly in the middle and there are twenty children towards his right.

Directions (6-10): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
 M1, M2, M3, M4 and M5 are five men sitting in a line facing south while F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5 are five ladies sitting in a second line parallel to the first line and are facing North.
M2 who is just next to the left of M4, is opposite to F5.
M3 and F2 are diagonally opposite to each other.
M5 is opposite to F3 who is just next right of F1.
F4 who is just to the left of F5, is opposite to M4.
F1 is at one end of the line.

6. Who is sitting third to the right of F3?
1) F5
2) F2
3) F1
4) F4
5) Data inadequate

7. If M2 shifts to the place of M5, M5 shifts to the place of F5 and F5 shifts to the place of M2, then who will be the second to the left of the person opposite to F3?
1) F5
2) F4
3) M5
4) M4
5) F2

8. Which of the following pair is diagonally opposite to each other?
1) M5F5
2) M2F3
3) M1F2
4) M1F1
5) M2F4

9. If F3 and F4, M1 and M5 and M2 and F5 interchange their positions, then who will be the second person to the right of the person who is opposite to the person second of the right of F4?
1) M4
2) M1
3) M5
4) F3
5) F1

10. In the original arrangement who is sitting just opposite to F2?
1) M2
2) M1
3) M3
4) M4
5) M5

Row Arrangement Solution:

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