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English For Amcat

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1)We were thinking _________ it ________ something like a requiem for our age. (a) for, because
(b) for, as
(c) of, since
(d) of, as
ANS: (D)

2)Hardly a day goes _____ when I don't remember all those great people who had gathered ______ my home on his birthday.
(a)out, in
(b) by, in
(c) through, on
(d) for, on

3)The great epics of ancient India took shape in the course of several hundred years, and __________, many additions were made to them.
(a) Following
(b) Then
(c) Subsequently
(d) Otherwise
4) Rakesh had bought the book for me. I ____ him Rs. 500.
(a) owe
(b) lend
(c) give
(d) borrow

5)Radha did not get a promotion ________ her consistent performance throughout the year.
(a) besides
(b ) inspite
(c) despite
6)He is better acquainted with the place ____ I am .
(a) which
(b) that
(c) while
(d) than
7)Usually the room tariff in this hotel is higher. At present, it is low because of the ______season.
(a) peak
(b) off
(c) down
(d) slow
(e) full
8)The monk wanders here and there in search of silence and peace. His lives a ________life.
(a) nomadic
(b) boring
(c) religious
(d) busy
ANS: (A)
9)Astronauts have completed a major mission in space. It was ______ a replacement of thefuel tank in one of the space stations .
(a) Concerns
(b) Concern
(c) Concerning
(d) Concerned
10) "We need to call this _____ ," Monika demanded.
(a) out
(b) at
(c) off
(d) away
11). Films are becoming a medium of cultural contacts, good relations and _______among different countries
(a) Wars
(b) Love
(c) Harmony
(d) Conformity
12) Successful people inspire many others to follow ____ path.
(a) ones
(b) their
(c) his
(d) the
13) Work related stress can lead to heart problems if not checked ____ time.
(a) by
(b) ago
(c) before
(d) within
(e) in
ANS: (E)

14)All the history books belonging to the Mughal period have been ___________ fromSanskrit to English
(a) transferred
(b) dictated
(c) translated
(D) dubbed

15)Heritage languages which form a part of India's rich culture are becoming ________.
(a) Extinctive
(b) Extinguish
(c) Extinction
(d) Extinct

16)After being promoted, she is not bothered ______ the office gossip about her private life.
(a) for
(b) in
(c) from
(d) by

17)He is better acquainted with the place ____ I am .
(a) which
(b) that
(c) while
(d) than

18)The institute reserves the right to make any change in the items ________ in the itinerary.
(a) Contains
(b) Contained
(c) Contain

19)The opinions ________ by various individuals regarding the problems faced by themhelped the Government in formulating changes.
(a) Expresses
(b) Expressed
(c) Expression
ANS: (B)

20)The company wants to _____ cost-cutting measures before it starts to incur losses.
(a) reduce
(b) modify
(c) moderate
(d) initiate

21)Do not move towards the car _________ you've finished your milk.
(a) as
(b) while
(c) until
(d) inspite

22)The market was full of people _______ attractive clothes of different styles.
(a) Having
(b) Showing
(c) Wearing
(d) Watching

23)If Mr. Sharma didn't stop hunting ..... betterdeals now, he would lose the opportunity this attractive mobile phone.
(a) For, to
(b) In, to
(c) To, for
(d) For, that

24) His recent success _____ him more arrogant than what he used to be.
(a) make
(b) have make him
(c) has made
(d) was making

25) The student searched _______ the book, he was certain that it was somewhere _____ his cupboard.
(a) of, in
(b) for, on
(c) for, in
(d) in, in

***************To check error in given sentences.*****************
26) A) I feel that Mary will going/ (B) for the closing ceremony of/ (C) the Commonwealth Games .
(2) B
(3) C
(4) No Error

26) (A) The kid stopped crying/ (B) as soon as his mother/ (C) bringed chocolates for him./(D) No error
(1) A

27) (A) Fishermen is (B) spotted catching fish on (C) the bank of the river.
(1) A
(4)NO Error

28) (A) Western culture have (B) influenced many people in (C) India in a very powerful way.
(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) NO Error

29) (A) Big brands like Sony, Samsung and (B) Nokia have been launched many phones having latest (C) features like Facebook application, Orkut tool and much more.
(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) No Error

30) (A) She always offer her (B) food to the poor (C) and needy.
(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) No Error

31) (A) The kid stopped crying/ (B) as soon as his mother/ (C) bringed chocolates for him./
(D) No error
(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) D

32) (A) Jeet is a very nice boy (B) and he always listen carefully (C) to what his parents have to say.
(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) No Error

33)(A) These days, cell phones (B) has become a necessity (C) in everyone's life.
(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) No Error

34)(A) I feel that Mary will going/ (B) for the closing ceremony of/ (C) the Commonwealth Games.
(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) No Error

35)Which of the following sentences is grammatically incorrect?
(a)At the end of the function, a lot of food was throwed away in the dustbin. (b)At the end of the function, a lot of food were throwed away in the dustbin. (c)At the end of the function, a lot of food was thrown away in the dustbin.
(d)At the end of the function, a lot of food was threw away in the dustbin. (e)At the end of the function, a lot of food were thrown away in the dustbin.

****************OPPOSITE WORDS*********************

36) GIGANTIC (opposite)
(a) Huge
(b) Invisible
(c) Zero
(d) Tiny

37) BESTIAL(opposite)
(a) Humane
(b) Wrong
(c) Earthy
(d) Rough

(a) Timidity
(b) Bigotry
(c) Likeness
(d) Influence

(a) Unimpressive
(b) Bad
(c) Ugly
(d) Radiant

(a) Pastime
(b) Idleness
(c) Subordinate
(d) Joblessness

(a) Specifically
(b) Individually
(c) Separately
 (d) Hardly

(a) Care
(b) Sympathy
(c) Discontent
(d) Indifference

(a) Approve
(b) Revoke
(c) Oppose
(d) Reveal
(e) Expose

(a) Voluble
(b) Victorious
(c) Visible
(d) Vulnerable

46) Select the option that is most nearly OPPOSITE in meaning to the word or phrase given in bold.
There is a plethora of flora and fauna in the Indian subcontinent
(a) destruction
(b) dearth
(c) uniformity
(d) abundance

****Select the word or phrase which best expresses the meaning of the given word.***
(b) Dull
(c) Glowing
(d) Lame

(a)Attach (b) Timing (c) Interfere (d) Build

49) FEROCIOUS: (1)Violent (2) Timid (3) Fast (4) Unbearable
ANS :(A)

50) VULNERABLE: (a)Respectable (b) Weak (c) Decayed (d) Immature

51) ARID (a) Dry (b) Separated (c) Arrogant (d) Superfluous

52) PARTIAL (a) Equitable (b) Unbiased (c) Half (d) Incomplete

**** Improve the sentence by selecting the correct alternative to the italicised part of the sentence.*******************

53) Chicago is widely known for its stuffed pizza and pizza pie joints have always bustling with innumerable people.
(a) Joints which were always bustling (b) Joints that are always supposed to be bustling
(c) Joints that have always been bustling (d) No improvement needed

54) Improve the sentence by selecting the correct alternative to the italicised part of the sentence.
Contrary to my belief, he turned out to be peevish.
(a) proud (b) irritable (c) selfish (d) greedy

55) Suraj tipped the policeman to avoid legal implications of breaking the traffic rules.
(a) begged (b) cheated (c) bribed (d) fooled


56) Arrange these sentences
A- nor Raj
B- is going
C- to attend the class
D- neither Rahul
(a) DBCA (b) ABCD (c) DABC (d) ADBC (e) CDAB

57)S1: We were planning to watch "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince". S6: Finally last Saturday, we were able to watch the movie.
P:We had booked the tickets two weeks earlier.
Q:In order to watch the movies of their preference, people usually book in advance.
R:But we were still falling three tickets short.
S: But it is so hard to obtain tickets on weekends.
(a) PQRS (b) SQPR (c) RPSQ (d) QSPS

58)S1: My daughter was born in the year 2005.
S6: She was one of the brightest kids in her whole class.
P:She was a quick learner from the beginning.
Q:She could recite poems at two years of age.
R:We put her in kindergarten when she was two and a half years old.
S:She started walking when she was eleven months old.
(a) RQSP (b) SQPR (c) QSRP (d) PSQR

59) S1: Soumitra lost his wallet today in the market.
S6: Apart from calling the bank, he should also lodge an FIR. P: He had all his cards and money in the wallet.
R:He is more worried about the credit cards than the money.
S: The best thing would be to call the bank and block all his cards. Q: This surely would avoid any kind of credit card forgery.
(a) RSQP (b) PRSQ (c) QPRS (d) SQPR

60) S1: The physics exam paper was quite tough this year.
S6: Hopefully the school will have higher passing percentage this time.
P:The physics test paper is now being designed by some junior teacher.
Q:Thus has asked all fail students to appear for exam again.
R:Only 40% of the total students scored the passing marks.
S:The principal was quite disappointed with this result.
(a) SPRQ (b) QSRP (c) RSQP (d) PSQR

61) S1: My father is an ardent follower of cricket.
S6: However he does admire Dhoni's confidence as acaptain.
P:He still feels that no one can match Ganguly's captaincy skills.
Q:Though now he has lost interest in cricket matches.
R:I assume it is because of Sourav Ganguly's retirement.
S:He is a great fan of Sourav Ganguly.
(a) SPRQ (b) RPSQ (c) SQRP (d) QSPR

62)S1: Rahul has been trying to lose weight.
S6: I think it is just a lame excuse for his laziness.
P:As regular morning w2alk keeps our body fit and healthy.
Q:The trainer has suggested him to start with regular morning walk.
R:He has not yet started his daily walk.
S:He says that because of late night work, it is hard for him to get up eat.
(a) PRSQ (b) QPRS (c) RQPS (d) SQRP

63)S1: Today in the morning, I did not feel like having breakfast. S6: Finally, I ended up having a huge supper before going to bed.
P:By the time I reached office, my head was spinning.
Q:I ate only one apple and left for my work.
R:The doctor prescribed me a few medicines, and told me to have a nutritious meal.
S:I was rushed to see the doctor, as I had fainted on my desk.
(a) RSPQ (b) SPQR (c) QPSR (d) QSRP

64)1) My Uncle,
(6)for this purpose.
(P)that have been built in the country districts of India
(Q)camping out in the Inspection Bungalows
(R)who is a Government engineer
(S)frequently has to stay for several days in very remote places,
(a) S R Q P (b) R S Q P (c) R Q S P (d) R S P Q

65) passage:
I) Times. As the train rolled out of the station, he lifted his head from the newspaper and stared at the man directly across from him.
A tsunami - of antipathy came over him. Rohit knew this man, knew him all too well. Their eyes locked.
As the train reached full speed, the ruckus of speeding wheels against the winding rails and a wildly gyrating subway car filled Rohit's ears. To this frenetic beat, Rohit effortlessly listed in his head all the reasons this man, whose eyes he stared coldly into, was an anathema to him.
He had climbed the upper echelons of his firm using an imperious manner with his subordinates, always making sure everyone knew he was the boss.
Despite his impoverished upbringing, he had become ostentatious. Flush with cash from the lucrative deals he had made, he had purchased a yacht and a home in Mumbai. He used neither. But, oh, how he liked to say he had them. Meanwhile, Rohit knew, this man's parents were on the verge ofbeing evicted from their rundown tenement apartment in Allahabad.
What bothered Rohit most about this man was that he never even attempted to make amends for his evil ways.
Could this man change? Rohit did not know. He could try though.
The train screeched to Rohit's stop. He gave the man one last hard look. "See you around," he mumbled to himself. And he knew he would, because Rohit had been glaring at his own reflection in the glass in the metro.
It would take years of hard work and therapy, but Rohit would one day notice this man again on the train and marvel at what a kinder person he had become.
I) Why did a tsunami of antipathy come over Rohit?

a)Because he was angry at himself and unable to stand looking at himself
b)Because the man sitting across him was his former boss who treated him badly
c)Because he wanted to read his newspaper and not be disturbed, especially by someone he
d) Because the guy sitting across him was financially better off than Rohit

II)Which statement makes most sense from what is said in the paragraph?
a) Rohit has few friends b) Rohit knows himself well c) Rohit has had a difficult life
d) Rohit is incapable of change

 III) What was the biggest reason (stated or implied) for Rohit disliking the man in the metro?
a)The man was known to be extremely rude and domineering especially with his subordinates
b)The man was remorseless and had not made any effort to reform himself for the better
c)The man did not bother to take care of his parents who were on the verge of being evicted
from their humble dwelling
d) The man did not have respect for things or money and while people did not have a place to stay, he had bought a flat which he did not even use

Iv) What does it mean to have an imperious manner with underlings? a)To ignore them b)To be stoic around them
c)To openly humiliate them d)To not be affected by them
e)To be domineering towards them

66) Passage:
The unique Iron Age Experimental Centre at Lejre, about 40 km west of Copenhagen, serves as a museum, a classroom and a place to get away from it all. How did people live during the Iron Age? How did they support themselves? What did they eat and how did they cultivate the land? These and a myriad of other questions prodded the pioneers of the Lejre experiment. Living in the open and working 10 hours a day, volunteers from all over Scandinavia led by 30 experts, built the first village in the ancient encampment in a matter of months. The house walls were of clay, the roofs of hay - all based on original designs. Then came the second stage - getting back to the basics of living. Families were invited to stay in the 'prehistoric village' for a week or twoat a time and rough it Iron Age-style. Initially, this experiment proved none too easy for modern Danes accustomed to central heating, but it convinced the centre that there was something to the Lejre project. Little by little, the modern Iron Agers learnt that their huts were, after all, habitable. The problems were numerous - smoke belching out from the rough-andready fireplaces into the rooms and so on. These problems, however, have led to some discoveries: domed smoke ovens made of clay, for example, give out more heat and consume less fuel than an open fire, and when correctly stoked, they are practically smokeless. By contacting other museums, the Lejre team has been able to reconstruct ancient weaving looms and pottery kilns. Iron Age dyeing techniques, using local natural vegetation, have also been revived, as have ancient baking and cooking methods

I)What is the main purpose of building the Iron Age experimental center?
a)Prehistoric village where people can stay for a week or two to get away from modern living
b)Replicate the Iron Age to get a better understanding of the time and people of that era
c)To discover the differences between a doomed smoke oven and an open fire to identify the more efficient of the two
d)Revive activities of ancient women such as weaving, pottery, dyeing, cooking and baking

II) What is the meaning of the sentence "Initially, this experiment proved none too easy for modern Danes accustomed to central heating, but it convinced the centre that there was something to the Lejre project."?
a)Even though staying in the huts wasn't easy for themodern people, the centre saw merit in the simple living within huts compared to expensive apartments
b)Staying in the huts was quite easy for the modern people and the centre also saw merit in the simple living within huts compared to expensive apartments
c)The way of living of the Iron Age proved difficult for the people of the modern age who are used to living in luxury
d)The way of living of the Iron Age proved very easy for the people of the modern age since it was hot inside the huts, and they were anyway used to heated rooms

III) What can be the title of the passage?
Modern techniques find their way into pre-historic villages Co-existence of ancient and modern times
Glad to be living in the 21st Century Turning back time
iv) From the passage what can be inferred to be the centre's initial outlook towards the Lejre project?
a) It initiated the project
b)It eagerly supported it
c)It felt the project was very unique
d)It was apprehensive about it

67) Passage:
The Stratosphere, specifically, the lower Stratosphere has, it seems, been drying out. Water vapor is a greenhouse gas, and the cooling effect on the Earth's climatedue to this desiccation may account for a fair bit of the slowdown in the rise of global temperatures seen over the past ten years. The Stratosphere sits on top of the Troposphere, the lowest, densest layer of the atmosphere. The boundary between the two, the Tropopause, is about 18km above your head, if you are in the tropics, and a few kilometers lower if you are at higher latitudes (or up a mountain). In the Troposphere, the air at higher altitudes is in general cooler than the air below it, an unstable situation in which warm and often moist air below is endlessly buoying up into cooler air above. The resultant commotion creates

clouds, storms and much of the rest of the world's weather. In the Stratosphere, the air gets warmer at higher altitudes, which provides stability. The Stratosphere-which extends up to about 55km, where the Mesosphere begins, is made even less weather-prone by the absence of water vapor, and thus of the clouds and precipitation to which it leads. This is because the top of the Troposphere is normally very cold, causing ascending water vapor to freeze into ice crystals that drift and fall, rather than continuing up into the Stratosphere. A little water manages to get past this cold trap. But as Dr Solomon and her colleagues note, satellite measurements show that rather less has been doing so over the past ten years than was the case previously. Plugging the changes in water vapor into a climate model that looks at the way different substances absorb andemit infrared radiation, they conclude that between 2000 and 2009 a drop in the Stratospheric water vapor of less than one part per million slowed the rate of warming at the Earth's surface by about 25%.Such a small change in Stratospheric water vapor can have such a large effect precisely because the Stratosphere is already dry. It is the relative change in the amount of a greenhouse gas, not its absolute level, which determines how much warming it can produce.
I) What is the order of layers in the atmosphere, starting from the lowermost and going to the topmost?
Tropopause, Troposphere, Mesosphere, Stratosphere
Troposphere, Tropopause, Stratosphere Mesosphere
Troposphere, Tropopause, Mesosphere, Stratosphere
Troposphere, Stratosphere, Tropopause, Mesosphere

II)Why is the situation in the troposphere defined as unstable?
a)Because, unlike the Stratosphere, there is too much water vapor in the Troposphere
b)Because the Troposphere is not directly linked to the Stratosphere,
but through the Tropopause which creates much of the world's weather c)Because of the interaction between warm and cool air which is unpredictable in nature and can lead to storms
d)Because this layer of the atmosphere is very cloudy and can lead to weather related disruptions

III) What in the passage has been cited as the main reason affecting global temperatures?
a)Relative change in water vapor content in the Stratosphere
b)Drop in Stratospheric water vapor of less than one part per million ANS:(B) c)The extreme dryness in the Stratosphere
d)Absorption and emission of infrared radiation by different substances

68) Passage:
My phone rings again. It is futile to ignore it anymore. Maneesha is persistent. She will continue to bedevil me until I acquiesce. "Hello", I answer.
"The circus, Atika?" she says in her sing-song voice. "When are we going? Only two more days left!"
I abhor the Circus. The boisterous crowds, the overwhelming smell of animal feces, the insanely long lines with wailing children and the impossibility of finding a clean restroom all combine to make this an event that I dread.
For Maneesha, my best friend since the angst of middle school, the Circus is a sign

that divine powers really do exist.
"Really, Atika, where else can you pet an elephant, see a stuntman ride a horse,
laugh till you are ready to cry, see the world's smallest person and eat fried potatoes The fried food at the Circus is a gastronomical nightmare on its own. I once tried a
fried Cottage Cheese stick at the fair and was sick to my stomach for hours. And a fried burger with oil soaked potato patty, cheese, multicolored sauces AND a greasy slice of cottage cheese? How could that not be deleterious to your health?
I have not seen Maneesha for a good month; our schedules are both so hectic. My hatred of the Circus becomes inconsequential to my desire to hang with Mani.
Alas, I ignore my anti-Circus bias for the umpteenth year. "Pick me up at noon", I say and hang up the phone.
I) What does it mean to acquiesce?
a)To give in b)To speak kindly
c)To pay attention d)To answer the phone

II) What does the term gastronomical suggest? a)Enormous
b)Health risk
c)Culinary issue d)Resulting in gas

III) Why might the author have chosen to capitalize all the letters in the word "and" when writing about the burger she ate?
a)To make sure the reader understood it was a list
b)To show that a greasy slice of cottage cheese was the last ingredient
c)To highlight her dislike of greasy slice of cottage cheese
d)To emphasize how many ingredients were in the burge

IV) How does Maneesha seem to feel about the circus? a)Ambivalent
b)Condescending c)Jubilant

69) Passage:
Class and money have always strongly affected how people do in life in Britain, with well-heeled families breeding affluent children just as the offspring of the desperately poor tend to remain poor. All that was supposed to have ceased at the end of the Second World War, with the birth of a welfare state designed to meet basic needs and promote social mobility. But despite devoting much thought and more money to improve the lot of the poor, governments have failed to boost those at the bottom of the pile as much as those at the top have boosted themselves. Although the study found that some of the widest gaps between social groups have diminished over time (between men and women on pay, for example, and between various ethnic minorities), deep-seated differences between haves and have-nots
persist, blighting the life chances of the less fortunate. Looking at earnings, income, education, employment or wealth, a similar pattern emerges.
By the age of three, a poor child is outperformed in verbal ability and behavior by a rich one. Much of this difference is explained by ethnicity: unsurprisingly, poor children who do not speak English at home know fewer words in what is their second or third language. A child's ethnicity becomes less important as he grows: by the age of 16,

bright Chinese and Indian students are performing extremely well at school. But throughout his classroom career how well a child does is dominated by how highly educated his parents are and how much money they bring home. Politicians of all stripes talk about equality of opportunity, arguing that it makes for a fairer and more mobile society, and a more prosperous one. The difficulty arises in putting these notions into practice, through severe tax increases for the middle-class and wealthy, or expanding government intervention.
I) Which of these can be inferred from the passage as one of the key solutions to reduce the gap between various social groups?
(a)Encouraging ethnic social groups to converse in English even at home so as to develop their verbal ability
(b)Implementing higher tax rates for the middle class and wealthy so that the gap between rich and poor can be reduced
(c)By not disclosing the child's ethnicity and background of parents at school so as to remove bias from coming in
(d)Making the affluent people responsible for the poorer people, since they have been better at generating wealth than the government

II) What is the pattern noticed while studying social groups?
(a)The gap will only continue to grow since implementing policies is difficult (b)The ethnicity of a child becomes less important as he grows
 (c)The gap is somewhat narrowing, but there is still a long way to go
(d)A poor person always remains poor

III) In the context of the passage, what is the meaning of the term 'blighting'?


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