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AMCAT Exam Questions

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Q.1) The cost price of an article is Rs. 100. To gain 50% after allowing a 50% discount, the market price of the article is :
(A) Rs. 200 (B) Rs. 400
(C) Rs. 350 (D) Rs. 300

Q.2) In three annual examinations, of which the aggregate marks of each was 500, a student secured average marks 45% and 55% in the first and the second yearly examinations respectively. To secure 60% average total marks, it is necessary for him in third yearly examination to secure marks :
(A) 300 (B) 350
(C) 400 (D) 450

Q.3) If RUNNER is coded by SUMMER, the code for WINTER will be :

Q.4) P is 300 kms eastward of O and Q is 400 kms north of O. R is exactly in the middle of Q and P. The distance between Q and R is :
(A) 300 kms (B) 350 kms
(C) 250 kms (D) 250v2 kms

Q.5) A man borrows Rs. 1200.00 from a bank for a period of 3 months. He finds that he has to repay Rs. 1236.00. The bank rate of interest is:
(A) 3% (B) 6%
(C) 12% (D) 24%

Q.6) In climbing a round pole of 80 metres height, a monkey climbs 5 metres in a minute and slips 2 metres in the alternate minute. To get to the top of the pole, the monkey would take :
(A) 51 minutes (B) 54 minutes
(C) 58 minutes (D) 61 minutes

Q.7) A man travels by a car for 3 days. He traveled 10 hours each day. He drove on the first day at 45 km/hr, second day at 40 km/hr and third day at 20 km/hr. His average speed was :
(A) 30 km/hr (B) 35 km/hr
(C) 38 km/hr (D) 40 km/hr

Q.8) Forty three persons went to a canteen which sold cold drink �Maaza� and �Pepsi�. If 18 persons took Maaza only, 8 took Pepsi only and 5 took nothing, find how many took both the drinks :
(A) 35 (B) 21
(C) 12 (D) 26

Q.9) A man works for 2 days and then rests for one day, then works for 2 days and rests for one day and so on. For everyday he works, he earns Rs. 100. How much will he earn from Monday to Saturday?
(A) Rs. 200 (B) Rs. 300
(C) Rs. 400 (D) Rs. 500

Q.10) A rectangular plot of lawn of length and width respectively x and y meters is surrounded by a pathway of 2 metres width. The total area of pathway is :
(A) 2x + 2y + 4 (B) 2x + 2y + 8

(C) 4x + 4y + 8 (D) 4x + 4y + 16

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